Issuu's 2022 Year-in-Review

By IssuuDecember 20, 2022Featured

As we close out 2022, as often is the case at the end of a year, there is more uncertainty in the world than most of us would like. This year had some major global challenges we were not fully anticipating, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a looming threat of global recession. At times like this, I like to look back at similar times in history and remember how much we have the ability to overcome adversity. I also see great companies and thriving new industries that emerged from difficult times. I am amazed at how the human spirit continues to adapt, rebuild, and innovate even through periods of great uncertainty. 

If there's a message I hope to deliver this year, it's one of hope. We see the potential for our business and the ones we work alongside each day to thrive. It's more important than ever to look up, both to see the opportunities we might otherwise miss and to think beyond the ways we've operated and created before. The future of content creation, publishing, and communicating are bright, and I'm excited we're in a time when anyone with an idea can put it into place and build an audience. We have the platforms and capabilities for educators to share engaging materials across devices, businesses to pitch themselves to entirely new markets, and creatives to share their art with the world. We've never before seen the creator economy at the scale that we're seeing now, and publishing and distribution will continue to support creators – from experts to solopreneurs – with ways to monetize and distribute their content across channels.

At Issuu, we're ensuring our tools for individual creators and SMBs are becoming more precise and robust. Our work this year has been focused on growing to meet the demand for tools that are more accessible, both in terms of touchpoint and functionality. We're removing those barriers and taking time to connect with our customers to adapt and deliver a product that will put digital publishing in the hands of more people than ever before. We understand that efficient workflows are critical to any business's success, especially in uncertain times, and we’re committed to continuing to help businesses and marketers be more efficient and save money.

To support these goals, our global team has continued to grow, with 70 new employees joining Issuu this year alone. Our offices in Berlin, Braga, Copenhagen, and Palo Alto have continued to thrive as we've built out our teams in Europe and the U.S. We've also expanded the Issuu leadership team to create and broaden key departments. We're proud to have added some incredible new talent, welcomed back a few familiar faces, and promoted from within to support improvements to our product and strengthen our efforts in delivering helpful content and dedicated customer success. If you are interested in joining us, I'm happy to say that the Issuu team is still growing, so check our Careers page

In terms of product, we've made strides to improve our user experience, optimizing our existing features and functionality. This year saw an overhaul of our publisher workspace, the addition of file formats like ePub and MOBI, and new ways for Issuu publishers to share content with QR codes. We also saw the sunsetting of features that were no longer needed and the rollout of new capabilities with features like Social Posts. We've bolstered our partnerships and improved our integrations with Adobe InDesign and Canva

In 2023, we look forward to expanding our work with integration partners to deliver an even more streamlined workflow – enabling us to provide content creators with more possibilities to self-serve using their favorite tools. I'm excited that our customers can continue to count on us for the assets they need to reach their audience and their goals. We're proud to be building a best-in-class content marketing platform and offer a sustainable publishing solution, saving users both time and money. 

At Issuu, we'll keep optimizing, refining, and growing in strength and numbers. Looking ahead to 2023, I'm thankful for the more than one million of you who have trusted Issuu to help support your personal and professional goals in 2022 alone and the nearly 100 million per month that consume Issuu-managed content. Thank you for using our tools to foster community, inform your readership, and inspire others. I can't wait to see what you'll create with us next.

Happy New Year, 

Joe Hyrkin

CEO, Issuu